Solution to the Problem

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
 -Henri Cartier-Bresson

Well, that sounds uhh… promising. Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be a newfound obsession with “capturing the moment.” Either our society is slowly becoming scrapbookers of the 21st century or we’re just compelled to document our every experience so we can upload it to Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking anyone who does this. I’ll be the first person to own up to why my phone’s battery is dead before I’m out of class. One single death eater: apps. It’s not only publicly disturbing how much I can’t get enough of what’s going on in the world, it’s borderline embarrassing.

So here I am, wondering how on Earth I can rid of this crazy obsession and it hits me. I shouldn’t be ashamed of my curiosity; I should embrace it! And what other way could that be executed than to creepily take photos of everything and everyone I come in contact with?

…No? Too creepy?

That’s what I thought.

Scratch that idea. In order to respect the comfort zones of others and preserve what’s left of the sane reputation I’d very much like to uphold, I’ve decided that this shall be an educational experience. A TIY, or Teach It Yourself, if you will. I can’t assure you structure, predictability or normality. However, as I find myself pondering the possibilities of what this blog is capable of, I foresee images of joy, laughter and love.


What I’d really love would be to master the art of candid photos. Not the hideous ones people ask you to un-tag them from but ones that are truly raw with emotion.

It is one of my personal goals to become more artistic. I’ve always wanted to capture the times that you feel like you’ve missed out on. You know, the “Dang, I wish I had a camera right now” type moments. Or especially the, “Ugh, my camera is too slow” occurrences.

Who knows, maybe this will be my calling in life. For now, it is simply my weekly documentation of what the world looks like behind a lens. Join me, as I discover the in’s and out’s of what a creative eye looks like—and more importantly, what it sees. I’ll publish my findings right here for other camera newbs to learn from and also for those who already know tricks of the trade.

Stay happy my friends.

You never know who might have a camera on them 😉


12 Responses

  1. Lauren! I love your voice when you write! I can’t wait to see what kind of voice, style and flair you will put into your pictures. You are always good a capturing the moment! 😉

    • Why thank you! 🙂 Learning HOW to upload pictures on here is going to be an adventure! Any advice??

  2. Lauren you are a great, super funny writer! I look forward to reading this and learning how to be a candid camera woman. Keep rocking it!
    Marissa 🙂

    • Thank you Marissa! I can’t wait to get this puppy started 🙂

  3. How would you recommend to photograph people who are homeless? Is it wrong to just take a picture and publish it?

    • I’m not sure yet. This is all something new and exciting for me but you have brought up a very important topic that I’ll have to look in to!

  4. Lauren I’m totally with you on this! I’ve always had the urge to become more artistic myself. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, but have either been too chicken or too busy (or both) to ever try and learn. I’ll definitely have to smile 100% of the time whenever we’re in class so I don’t have any ugly pictures of myself. Good luck with your blog!

    • Derek, if you want to play the piano, go for it! I get what you’re saying on the being busy thing, but if you don’t make time for yourself, who will? Think about it!

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  5. This is such a good idea for a blog topic! I always find myself in need of camera to capture once in a lifetime moments. I actually just bought a camera in hope that I would use it abundantly but so far I have failed. I’ll just live my artistic life vicariously through your blog. I can’t wait to see what comes of it! 🙂

  6. Great job Lauren I am really excited to see how this is going to go. It will be interesting to see what kind of photos you will be taking. Hope you have fun with it!

  7. This was such a fun read! I absolutely love how you create such a smooth and conversational post that makes me excited to see your progress! I encourage you to pursue this newfound photography passion- you’ll soon learn that you’ll start looking at things in a different angle, a different lens, a different mode, a different lighting setting, etc. See? It’s so infectious! I hope you explore different areas of photography and different types of photography if possible. Maybe you can even pick out one photo to recreate that you then mold into your own by using a different style? You’re going to have such an interesting blog! I’m exited to see your photos!

  8. As a fellow photography junkie who’s recently jumped into the boat, I have to say I’m very excited with what you have in store for you. And somewhere similarly to you I have felt embarrassed to explore my own curiosity in photography but I’ve been slower to put it out there. Your words are encouraging; we do need to embrace these things that make these crazy obsessions and allow them to be a part of who we are! You’re very encouraging Lauren and I have to say I am very much looking forward to seeing your work and with how you will grow as a photographer 🙂

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