Adventures at Best Buy

“Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer.  It makes you a Nikon owner.” -Author Unknown

If you were to talk to any serious photographer, there is a strong chance that they would agree with the following: Anyone who buys an outlandishly priced camera automatically assumes they are a professional. After my recent trip to Best Buy, I am now among the annoying.

Totally kidding. Let’s remember that I am a part-time working, loan-accepting, frequent-Amazon-shopping college student! Therefore, there is no way I would be able to buy a camera of any worth at this point in time. Side note: an outlandishly priced camera will most likely make its way to the top of my well-deserved-gifts-to-myself list after this post.

Captured by Lauren Guzman

The funny thing is, I actually went to Best Buy this past Tuesday and scoped out what their camera department had to offer. After avoiding numerous puddles and dodging reckless parking lot drivers, I made my way into a building with exceptionally great lighting—perfect for an impromptu photo-shoot—with the moist bangs of a 5-year-old after playing in the sprinklers. Except for the fact that I’m 18 and pretty much just couldn’t find any good parking spots in the rain…

Regardless, a very helpful Best Buy employee (who wished to remain nameless for store policy purposes) enlightened me on the topic of Camera Sifting 101. I asked my new friend, “What is the most expensive camera you have to offer?” Expecting nothing more than about $800, I was shocked to be led to a glass case with cameras reaching prices up to a whopping $1,899.99!

Of course this was not your Grandma’s disposable. It was in fact, the Canon EOS 7D SLR and according to my trusty source, it is for “the experienced photographer who will get everything they need out of a camera.”

Captured by Lauren Guzman

If you’re looking for the most basic point and shoot, look no further then Best Buy’s most inexpensive camera; the Casio EX-ZS10. This little firecracker is currently on sale for $99.99 and is recommended for an “8-year-old child who won’t get confused with a bunch of buttons or settings.” Even if you’re not eight, this camera will get the job done as long as your expectations with it are realistic.

Eventually, we made our way to a fair middle ground where a photography commoner and the king of capturing could both be pleased. These cameras varied in prices and brands, however they all serve the same purpose, which is to shoot quality photos. Whether you’re on #TeamSony or a part of #AshtonsNikoners, your price range will go from around $300-$500 for a reliable digital camera.

At the end of the day, that’s the only thing any of us really care about, right? Something that is dependable, has a good memory and won’t keep you waiting. Almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend but in shiny rectangular form. So the next time you’re in the electronic department of any store, I encourage you to play around with the different cameras they have to offer. Even if you don’t buy anything, you will leave the impression of an interested customer and have some pretty awesome pictures to share with your blog readers…




4 Responses

  1. I think that the pictures added a good touch to your blog. I also liked how you used metaphors they worked really well in the blog, even the one about the boyfriend haha. Good luck on your next post.

    • Thanks Cassie! It was a little difficult to get the slideshow link on here (a lot of trial and error went down to get it up) but I’m glad you’re pleased with the outcome!

  2. I love how you categorize this as an adventure! Not a lot of people would have fun going and looking at cameras which are out of thier price range. But you make it seem fun! I hope you get that special camera for what ever holiday comes first! When you do, take lots of pictures of my in my Superman costume! 🙂

  3. I loved this! I feel like you’re writing and subject matter get stronger and stronger each week! I too have played with cameras at Best Buy and didn’t realize how expensive some are! A camera lens is more expensive than a camera’s, too! I’m glad to see you incorporating photos in this blog too! I can’t wait to see your progression as a photographer!

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