These Genes Never Fit So Well

“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” -Alfred Stieglitz

As mentioned in my About Me video blog, I touched slightly on the fact that the photography bug runs in my family. I also talked about the old fashioned cameras that we had lying around in my garage. So I thought this week would be a picturesque moment—pun definitely intended—to showcase my newest goodies.

Probably one of the coolest cameras I've ever seen. This baby has been played with time and time again and I'm almost certain it's broken after all I've put it through.

This collection would not be complete without the good ol' detachable flash. What I really love about this camera is the simplicity of it. According to my mom, she said my dad would take this camera everywhere.

A side view of the "Twin Lens Reflex" camera. Not going to lie, I had to research what the correct title of this little powerhouse was.

Just like Christmas! Finding these in one of my cupboards at home was literally the happiest moment of my past week. I was beyond eager to zip those open and see what was inside...

Ta-da! Who knew there were so many different types of lenses you could attach to a camera!? With all these new treasures found, I am now more anxious than ever to learn the tricks of the manual camera trade.

Kieko. The only cat that ever won over the dog lovers of our family. I've been told she was very protective—almost guard dogish. She was captured here lounging in the front yard of my dad's childhood home.

Ah, the beauty of a wide angle lens! As a future world traveler, how amazing would it be to snap photos of some of the world's most beautiful places with this lens on hand?!

Now this may seem out of place, but I wanted to share one of my father's other hobbies: Hunting. One of the main styles of photography my dad focused on was nature shots and if he could dig it, I can dig it too.

I now realize, it's kind of cool how diverse my dad's interests were. Lately, it's actually inspiring me to look into hobbies that I normally wouldn't consider.

Finally, the signature name that is written on almost every item belonging to the original "Guz".

All of these pictures were edited with an “antique” tone which I thought added to the theme of the post. I can’t express how joyous it is to find something that means more to you than others can imagine. So I’ll leave you with the words of the wisest, bravest and most selfless man I ever knew and ever will know…

“You have to deal with the cards you were dealt.” -Larry Guzman
Translation: Live life, we never know what it has in store for us.


4 Responses

  1. This blog post was great! You truly tell a story with your pictures! It’s so cool that you have all of those different cameras your dad used years ago. Who would have known they would have come in handy for your blog!? Which old camera is your favorite? The one you’ve played with on countless occasions?

    • Yeah, life is kind of awesome like that. I’m really glad I could actually put them to good use so they’re not just collecting dust! The TLR is probably my favorite–I just feel so renaissancy with it!

  2. Mija, what a great Job! Your Dad would be so proud of you!

    Love you,

    • Awww thanks Fred! I’m glad you found out how to leave a comment!

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