Playing Dead- The Epic Finale

“The show must go on.”


As promised, here is a sneak peek of what goes into a haunted house production. Below you will find a video slideshow as well as some photos that I thought should stand alone.


This was the before showtime…
This is the after effect. One bedazzled sandal coming right up!


 As I have been pleasantly reminded, yes this would only happen to me! In the midst of my theatrical performance, I seemed to have injured my big toe. I’ll spare you all the gruesomeness hidden under my sock but it is quite bruised and swollen. I am still pending a response from my doctor (Dr. Andrew Nava who is absolutely awesome!) to hear back if it’s broken or not. This is turn determines my recovery time—either 1-2 weeks or…6-8! Let’s hope I don’t have to wear this soon to be very fashionable sandal for too much longer.

Have a SAFE and happy Halloween 🙂


7 Responses

  1. Love the photo slideshow! Glad you didn’t end up using Photobucket 😛 Congrats at the haunted house! Raffy, Ashley and I actually ended up going, not sure if you heard us telling you hello and that we’d see you in class on Monday lol. Sorry about your foot! I hope your big toe is okay! Happy Halloween!

    • “Bye Lauren! We’ll see you in class on Monday!” Classic. You guys were so funny I was wondering who said that! But yeah I’ll definitely be rocking my new shoe to class 🙂

  2. I like the pictures they were spooky but awesome. Nice Job!!

  3. Lauren, Glad to see your pictures. Brittany & I enjoyed the
    “Haunted House” we had a lot of fun! As always you did
    a wonderful Job. p.s. I kinda like your new fashion statement!


  4. I love the slideshow, especially because I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween! You’re costume looked very scary indeed! I bet it was a lot of fun that night (with the exception of destroying your big toe!). Your video transitioned very smoothly, and I was very impressed with your editing skills! Keep up the great work!

    • I didn’t realize how much I love Halloween until this year! But thanks for the sympathy. At least I have a cool story to go along with my purple toe!

  5. Experienced and enjoyed Halloween through you. Great work on collaborating photos with quickie captions. Again great selection on pictures you chose for the slideshow and it was all presented smoothly. Perhaps the transitions could have been seen longer or better options would have enhanced the quality of transitions.

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