A Nikonic Ending

“We only part to meet again.” -John Gay

As hard as this is for me to type, it’s even more difficult to comprehend…

This is my final post for EYE OF THE BE[CAMERA] HOLDER.

Although it pains me to conclude my first blog, I can say I’ve never felt more accomplished. I’ve exceeded what I set out to maintain and this experience is one I will always hold dear to my heart.

What I’m most proud of aren’t the skills I’ve obtained but the fact that I’ve explored an unknown realm and have familiarized myself with a craft I’ve always been interested in. Thank you for following my progress. I can’t express how awesome it has felt to write to you all over these past few months.

This is not good bye but I’ll see you soon. I’ve definitely been bit by the blogging bug and fully intend on continuing the fun!

To see how the fairytale ends, check out my final video blog…


2 Responses

  1. aww i like your video… i hope the pictures of me and cliff came out cute lol :)…good luck with your new camera

  2. With this blog coming to an end, I must say I will truly miss your weekly posts! I followed this blog basically from a week by week basis, and it will be weird for it to suddenly be finished. On a different note, you did a great job with your vlog! You definitely looked WAY more comfortable in front of the camera than your first vlog! I’m extremely happy you got your camera, too! That story was awesome, and it sounds like you have a great family!

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